Ultraswim333 web info for 2024

The magical island of Hvar (Croatia) will host  ‘early season’ European kickoff. A region steeped in history, and populated by hundreds of beautiful islands of all sizes, #3 will challenge you with a tour around the western end of Hvar Island, between these two ancients towns.

From Stari Grad to Hvar Town(Croatia), the ‘Islands’ edition, joins the growing UltraSwim 33.3 circuit, which aims to expand to 5 global venues by 2025.

The particularity of the Croatian event will be a start in the ancient town of Stari Grad, famous for its Pharos Swim Marathon, but a well earned finish celebration 33.3km later, in the beautiful and lively harbour of Hvar Town with a hotel change between the two (don’t worry you won’t be swimming with your luggage!). Whilst point-to-point is our aim on all 33.3’s, this time we’ll very much be on a journey from one venue to another via your water power!

Hvar info about UltraSwim33.3 for 2024


Each UltraSwim 33.3 event is different, and each swimmer’s experience is different but as race organisers, there are a few things we can guarantee: from world-class safety and event management to a comprehensive preparation programme – we’ve got your back. Having said that, it will still come down to you, physically and mentally, for you to accomplish your dreams and become your best self.

Six months out, you should indeed feel a little uncomfortable on the one hand, but reassured by the support you will get from us, but also all the other swimmers. Open-water swimming may be very solo, but UltraSwim 33.3 is all about teamwork too!

Swimming 33.3km is no small feat. Even divided over four days, it’s an epic challenge, one that you might not even be sure you can accomplish. But before you start doubting yourself, let us tell you a few things we know – in fact maybe just one thing… you can do it! As long as you meet the entry requirements, and are ready to push yourself through some moments of doubt, you can complete the 33.3km. We saw so many self-doubters on the start line in Montenegro and guess what? Almost all of them finished every stage (and there is no lack of honour in not making all of them, the rest of the planet weren’t even on the startline!). This is about challenging yourself, hitting that doubt on the head and realising you’re capable of more than you think.