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Ask the majority of tourists what they are looking for on holiday and you will get the same answer - quality time on the beach! Dalmatia is beach heaven, and Hvar is no exception. With its endless sun, pristine water, and natural beauty, lazy days on the beach are an essential detox for many. Hvar's beaches often rank in lists of the best in Europe and no wonder! From Jerolim and beach clubs such as Beach Club Hvar, Hula Hula and Carpe Diem Beach, to family beaches and the hidden bays of the Pakleni Islands, there is a beach option for everyone. While most are rocky or pebbly, sandy beaches also exist, and if you are trying for a baby, idyllic Lučišće beach near Sveta Nedjelja is renowned for its procreative powers. Looking for the ideal beach for your holiday? Explore the options below.

In no place in Europe does the sun, that energy of island life transformed into each and every segment of its existence, the chirping songs of crickets and the scents of rosemary and ine shine that long and that strong. With equal intensity, that natural wellness of Hvar purifies, vitalizes and energizes odern nomads in quest for relaxation of both soul and body. They can choose between trendy swimming beaches, pebble beaches sculptured by the sea or wild beauty of the rocks hidden beneath the branches of pine trees.
Apart from the bays of Pakleni Islands and the other bathing resorts, one can find many beaches and places to swim near the town…

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