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HVAR PRESENTS big multimedia exhibition “MADE IN CROATIA” which will be placed in the historical …

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June program of 62nd Hvar Summer Festival

  Hvar summer festival is one of the oldest summer festivals on the Adriatic coast …

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Concert of 4 TENORS at Hvar’s Pjaca

The concert of “4 TENORS“, due to the celebration of 155 years of organized tourism …

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26th PRIX MARULIĆ International Festival of Radio Plays and Documentary Radio Dramas

International Festival of Radio Plays and Documentary Radio Dramas 26th PRIX MARULIĆ Friday, 26th of …

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The city of Hvar is a unique fusion of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, and mundane, tourist present.

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Visiting untouched lagoons around Hvar plays a great role in enjoying your holidays. These can be reached by boat, car, bicycle, or inspiring walks through the Mediterranean landscape.

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Good food is a part of Hvar's tradition. A healthy, light food, seasoned with home-made olive-oil and a pinch of herbs, accompanied by a glass of good wine, is a reason why people of Hvar live long and look so vigorous.

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