In these turbulent digital times, when we can virtually explore the destination we are visiting, it is best, when visiting the chosen locale, to spend a day just like the locals do! Therefore, when you visit the town of Hvar, no matter the season of the year and who you are coming with, chose to experience Hvar from a completely new point of view!
After waking up and having a light breakfast, go for a coffee in your favorite café at the Riva or chose one in the narrow streets of Hvar. Then find your way to the town market, buy fresh ingredients and prepare a true Mediterranean meal: simply seasoned fish with vegetables from the gardens of the hard-working people of Hvar. In the afternoon, go for a walk around town and relax listening to Dalmatian a cappella klapa traditional singers. Stop at the town square and feel the pulse of Hvar. Make sure not to miss the cultural events available daily in Hvar: exhibitions, concerts, plays… The sunset at the island of Hvar is best experienced by the sea, and after that, considering that you are in the island capital of gastronomy, choose one of the cozy restaurants of Hvar to have dinner in, enjoy a warm welcome and casual, laid-back atmosphere! After dinner and a glass of nice local wine, take a walk under the starry sky and allow yourselves the indulgence of romantic moments that all of us from Hvar adore. It is now time for bed and a new day. After such a day, we wish you equally pleasant dreams!
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