Hvar celebrates the feast of its co-patron St. Prošper, which has been celebrated since 1671 when the saint’s relics were brought from Rome, and a fair is traditionally held in the main city square.

Here is part of the program:

Friday, May 5

Salting of sardines; Forske užonce in cooperation with the association Hvar- Metropola mora

10:00 a.m., Mandrač

The Fortress night 

11 a.m. – a tour of the fortress with a tourist guide
5 p.m. – “Fortice Tour with a Biologist”, expert tour of Dr. Josip Avelini Park (meeting at the southern entrance to the park)
18:00 – a tour of the fortress with a tourist guide
8:30 p.m. – Luša klapa concert (Split)

Sunday, May 7

promotion of the book “Nona’s Chest“, authored by Mirjana Kolumbić, 20 p.m.  Hvar Theatre 

Monday, May 8

“Da bi non taki dni često dohodili“” – about nutrition and togetherness

presentation by Zorka Bibić, Lodja, 6:30 p.m

 “Churches of Hvar“, book presentation: Joško Kovačić, Lodja, 8 pm

Tuesday, May 9

mass: vespers in the heat of St. Prošper – Cathedral, 7 p.m

Wednesday, May 10 – St. Prošper

feast of St. Prošper – Pjaca (St. Stephen’s Square) from 10 am,

Pjaca: local exhibitors exhibit their products

solemn st. mass and procession – cathedral at 7 p.m

Thursday, May 11

feast of St. Prošpera – Pjaca (St. Stephen’s Square) from 10 am;

Pjaca: local exhibitors exhibit their products

Mediterranean Diet Days

Talks about food– Ivo Buzolić Lojko and Marinko Jurić participate

Saturday 13.05. Radovan Marčić – lecture – old recipes of Hvar villages, Lodja 17:30

Monday 15 May.

10:30 a.m.: Panel on Cultural tourism 

6:30 p.m. in Arsenal, the opening of multimedia exhibition Hvar presents: MADE IN CROATIA

8 p.m. 4 Tenors, concert at Pjaca main square

Tuesday 16 May in front of Lodja at 8 p.m.:

SA ŠUŠTON I GUŠTONfestival of wine and  food on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the declaration of the Mediterranean diet as a UNESCO intangible heritage

participating: Hvar High School, Hvar winemakers association, Hvar restaurateurs