Humac • Zastražišće • Pokrvenik • Tetikovac • Poljica • Humac

This circular track, a combination of tarmac and off-roads in the centre of the island is 32km long. The road mostly covers the ridge of the island from east to west. Track begins in the ethno-eco village Humac and continues on the unpaved road towards state road D-166. From there on, the track goes back west, up to Zastražišće village. In Zastražišće the track turns north and goes through olive garden until it turns west, where it connects to the state road again. The track ends in the west, at Humac village.

Length 32,00 km
Asphalt 13,90 km/ 43.43%
Macadam 18,10 km/56,57%
Lowest point 42 m
Highest point 336 m
Altitude 651 m

Download the code here.