ORGANIZER: SD „Hvar Marathon“

STARTJune 27th at 5.30 PM, Stari Grad.

FINISH: St. Stephen’s square – Hvar  town

The length of the race course is 21,097m. The race starts at sea level and in its first half ascends to the altitude of 400m with the constant inclination of 4%. The second part of the race descends to sea level, also with a constant inclination of 4%. Drinks and refreshments for the participants of the race will be at 5th km, 10th km, 15th km, and at the finish.

The start of the race is in STARI GRAD, the historical center of the island of Hvar, and one of the oldest towns in Europe /384BC/. The town is located in a landscape where the blue of bay blends with the green of the famous wide plain of Pharos, with ancient vineyards and olive groves. Over the centuries the plain used to provide sustenance for the locals, while the deep bay was perfects natural defense from enemies, as well as the elements. Take your time, rent a bike or scooter, ride through lavender fields and visit picturesque small towns in the intact heart of the island, peaceful fishing villages, and speculated beaches.

The finish of the race is in the town of HVAR, at magnificent Renaissance Piazza, widely considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in Dalmatia, dominated by the St.Stephen’s Cathedral, bordered by the palaces of Groda and by cascading stone houses of Burag. Visit the medieval fortress Fortica, the Renaissance theatre with the Arsenal, the Franciscan monastery, swim in the crystal clear sea of untouched coves near the town, or just hang around numerous coffee bars and wander along narrow stone-paved streets. Enjoy the fresh fish and extraordinary local wine in one of the colorful restaurants, ending the evening with a drink in one of the many lively cocktail bars.