Based on the study of facts about the rich biodiversity of the island of Hvar, its climatic characteristics, and numerous historical records of the coexistence of local people with plants, the concept of this garden is an educational and interactive introduction of visitors to the appearance of each island plant with emphasis on its useful value. The owners are acquainted with these benefits through their traditional commitment to the island’s nature, transformed into the brand fjori fôra, which literally means “flowers of Hvar”.
The garden represents the concept of asymmetrical symmetry and the cultivation of wilderness – a blend of traditional and modern. The plot was originally a mixture of cultures: a vineyard, a field of lavender, and rosemary with a few olive trees while today over 80 different plant species are sorted through the pools into tall wooden beds. Going through 6 different pools/fields you come to a rest area which is a place for tasting and presentation of fjori fôra products from where you return to the beginning of the plot.

Fjori Fôra Garden
Gdinj 25
21467 Gdinj, Hvar
Tel.: +385 (0)91 8908 023