Jelsa • Vrboska • Starogradsko polje • Dol • Vrbanj • Jelsa

This circular route, located at the center of the island, mostly goes through Starigrad fields and nearby villages. The route begins in Jelsa, going along the coast north towards Vrboska. The track then turns to macadam through Starigrad fields. Once we reach Stari Grad, we go southbound and head through Doi and Vrbanj villages. The route ends in Jelsa, passing through vineyards and olive groves along the way. This bicycle route is a combination of tarmac and macadam, 22,73 km long.

Length 22,73 km
Asphalt 21,00 km/92,39%
Macadam 1, 70 km/7,61%
Lowest point 0 m
Highest point 117 m
Altitude 329 m

Download the code here.