Detour is coming on Advent in Hvar and will perform on 22.12 at 20:30!

The band is recognizable among fans of high-quality, contemporary, electro-acoustic pop sound. The band is led by author, arranger, producer and guitarist Nenad Borgudan.

Their strength is not only in the latest singles but also in older songs such as “Summer Begins”, “Mjesec”, “Gledano sa strane” and “Prijatelj”, which were on their first two studio albums ‘Detour’ and ‘TV’. However, the third studio album “A što ak’ ja…” proved to be a turning point in their previous activity, catapulting them into the status of a major regional musical pop attraction, giving them the title of ‘flagship of new wave pop’. At the same time, a large number of concert performances opened for them, which brought numerous awards. The album, carried by the hit titles “Srce veliko”, “Snijeg”, “Daleko” and “Plešem sama”, secured Detour top places in most annual music contests, and Porina for the best pop album in 2014.