On the day of the establishment of the Hygiene Society in Hvar, which had as its goal the arrangement and promotion of the destination, let us remember
the beginnings and think about the future of tourism as we want it. Back in 1868, health tourism was the main reason for coming to Hvar, in recent years the focus has again been on cultural tourism. Hvar is a town that, in addition to its beautiful nature, superb food and wine, and vibrant atmosphere,
culture is a fundamental part of its identity.

5/15/2023, Monday
Culture in tourism, tourism in culture, panel discussion, Lodja, 11 am

The topics of the panel discussion are the connection between tourism, culture and the creative industry, the valorization of cultural heritage and its own
inclusion in the tourist offer, cultural manifestations and their tourist potential and the challenges we face.
The following will participate in the panel discussion:

Tonči Glavina, State Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia
Renata Tomljenović, Institute for Tourism, Zagreb
Nataša Bušić, HGK Split – cultural tourism section
Ivana Vladović, director of TZ SDŽ
Mato Franković, mayor of Dubrovnik
Miro Drašković, director of the TZ of the city of Dubrovnik
Jelena Mičić, director of the Public Cultural Institution “Hvar 1612”
Katija Vučetić, head of the Department for Culture and Public Relations of the Town of Hvar
Damir Kanaet, culture manager and executive producer of the “Made in Croatia” exhibition
Goran Rihelj, owner and editor of HRTurizam portal, moderator of the panel
11:00 – 12:00 – Part 1
12:00 – 12:15 – coffee break
12:15 – 13:00 – 2nd part

Opening of the exhibition Hvar presents: “Made in Croatia” Arsenal, 7 p.m
This specially tailored exhibition is a unique event, through a multimedia encounter with the greats and their inventions
or works of art that have left their mark on the world level, Croatian heritage to be presented to the people of Hvar and theirs
The exhibition consists of 38 topics, some of which refer to individuals such as Nikola Tesla, Faust Vrančić, Dora Maar, Slavoljub
Eduard Penkala, Ivan Vučetić and Hanibal Lucić, while certain topics refer to a group of people (from the same field of activity)
and separate cultural heritage specific to the island of Hvar and/or Croatia.