CAROLING, 19.12. at 8 pm in Arsenal

The Caroling project was conceived as an exploration of the performance of Christmas carols as an act of community and at the same time breaking down the idea of singing in honor of something. Starting with the very act of voice production, we dealt with the construction of tone, polyphony, structure, but also the idea of a choir performing abstract and default musical patterns with movement. Four female performers who are constantly listening and adapting in a live performance expose the ways in which the format of a musical or an opera is tied to the social act of singing Christmas carols in a quartet. In the play Caroling, the religious theme in the lyrics of those songs is modernized with reflections and comments on everyday topics. Everything together becomes a complex network of signs and meanings that questions the idea of a woman’s voice, the importance of the individual within the community, and the responsibility towards one’s freedoms.