We announce that this year the Lavender Festival, which celebrates its 15th anniversary, will take place on July 14 and 15, 2003 in Velo Grablje. Be sure to plan to be on Hvar in Velo Grablje on that date because the festival will enchant you with its unique charm. The festival has an educational and entertaining character, which encourages the cultivation of lavender, the production of oil and other products. There are lavender delicacies, cakes, juices, and even unique lavender ice cream. In addition to all this, other autochthonous products are offered, from olive oil and Hvar varieties of wine, to handmade art and souvenirs. Today, the Pjover association, the originator and main organizer of the Lavender Festival, takes care of the protection and revitalization of Velo Grablje.

In addition to the local products fair, various workshops, exhibitions, lectures, poetry readings, traditional songs and dances, book promotions, and concerts will be held. Follow us for a more detailed program and see you in VeloGrablje!