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You can perform testing services on COVID-19, the service of PCR testing and rapid antigen testing from 5th of May to 30th of September in the business premises next to the Agricultural Cooperative (Trg Marka Miličića 3). The price of the PCR test is 790.00 kn, while the price of the antigen test is 350.00 kn.

Priska Med
Mob: +385 95 962 3034

Another provider of testing services on COVID-19 is placed in the premises of the Health Center of the Split-Dalmatia County – Hvar Branch Office, DZ Hvar (Juraj Dubokovića 3), from the 25th of May, exclusively on a phone call. Only rapid antigen tests are performed, with results in Croatian and English. The price of the antigen test is 200.00 kn.

DZ Hvar
Silvija Meneghello
Mob: +385 98 990 7876