Hvar Tourist Board is now preparing for a new world-class sporting arrival, as the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series has announced it will be returning to Croatia’s premier island for the fourth year, with the Hvar leg taking place from April 17-19. ÖTILLÖ is the origin of Swimrun, a new endurance sport driven by respect and dedication. Swimrun is about experiencing nature in the purest possible way, with respect for yourself, for your team partner, for others, and for the environment. This race is beautiful but tough. The hills, the long swims, and the salt-water will challenge all the teams to put in stellar performances. You will not only have to be strong running in the hills, but you will also need to be strong in the water to excel in this race. A total of 40,4 km with 9 swims of which the longest is 2 950 meters. A total of almost 9 000 meters of swimming. The first part of the course will be a lot of swimming, the second part will be more running.

This course has everything; fantastic water to swim in. Some rough, some protected. Singletrack trails and 4×4 tracks through olive groves, lavender and rosemary fields, tough hills up and down. Historical buildings and cultural heritage all around. All with incredible views at all times!